Leave no trace

Leave No
Trace is
our mission to make

The Purpose: Sustainability at the forefront

At Freetrain, sustainability is at the forefront of all that we do. Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact is evident in the items we produce, many of which are marked with our “Leave No Trace” emblem, and are made from over 50% recycled, organic, or BCI yarns and fibres. Our goal is to eventually use only fully sustainable materials in all of our products. Additionally, we strive to use recycled content in our ticketing and packaging, and are continuously searching for ways to further reduce our carbon footprint.

The Process: Ethical and Sustainable Operations

As a young company that is committed to our 'Leave No Trace' initiative, we are constantly working to improve the quality, performance & sustainability throughout our products. We are continuously collaborating with our suppliers to learn from their experiences and to improve the environmentally friendly yarns & materials of our products.

We believe it is important to take a holistic approach to sustainability, which includes not only the materials we use but also the production process itself. We will only work with suppliers and factories who share the same ethics and are committed to sustainability and share our goal of creating a more environmentally responsible industry. These factories have a variety of certifications, including sustainability certifications, and have taken steps to reduce their carbon emissions, conserve water, and implement eco-friendly printing practices, biodegradable packaging and energy saving initiatives amongst others.

Going the Extra Mile: Reducing Shipping Emissions

Although shipping emissions are a challenge in any industry, we are dedicated to minimising our impact in this area. We bulk order products and choose the most efficient shipping routes to reduce emissions. Additionally, we support conservation initiatives, including reforestation projects, in an effort to counteract the impact.

Our objective to Be Better, is one that never stops & we are always open for ways to improve, if you can help us improve our sustainability then please get in touch with us over on sustainability@freetrain.com.