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Conor Benn: Bound by ambition

Born from a lineage of boxing royalty, Benn is lighting his own path in the sport. His record and ability speaks for itself.

As part of a new initiative to work with exciting sporting talent, Freetrain is proud to announce a partnership with our first athlete, Conor Benn. This is the story of who he is and how we started working together...

Born from a lineage of boxing royalty, Benn is lighting his own path in the sport.

His record and ability speaks for itself. Benn is undefeated in 17 professional fights, 11 of those being by knockout. A win over Samuel Vargas this week is sure to increase ‘The Destroyer’s’ stock in the 147lbs Welterweight division and could set up a fight with household names Kell Brook or Amir Khan.

Benn’s work ethic is tireless and entirely self-generated. In interviews, he has openly addressed the fact he is from relative privilege. His story is not one of hardship or rags to riches, that so many adopt in boxing. Rather, Benn is driven by a desire to perfect his craft, to constantly challenge himself, and to think about the wider social impact of sport.

It’s maybe because of his unique personal narrative that Benn isn’t your average fighter. He makes a point of bringing young talent into the gym in the hope of passing on his wisdom and being a source of inspiration for those at the beginning of their boxing journey.

The partnership between Conor Benn and Freetrain began entirely organically. Before we got to know each other, Conor used our products. As a man who spends a lot of time running, he appreciated how effortless access to his apps and music solved a problem for him during his training.

Seeing Conor wearing our products gave us the idea to approach him, but from our first conversation, we knew it was the beginning of a natural relationship. The respective ethos of Freetrain and Conor Benn are perfectly aligned at this moment in time. Both Freetrain and Benn are on a mission to innovate in their field and keep pace with a rapidly evolving modern world. Together, we are striving to advance physical performance, while uplifting those around us in the process.

It’s an important time for Conor Benn and Freetrain. Benn is on the cusp of a defining moment. The next phase of his career has the potential to propel him from talented prospect to world title contender - the face of a new generation of multifaceted, twenty first century fighters.

At the same time, Freetrain is on the cusp of its own important next chapter. Signing Conor Benn, our first athlete, is a statement of intent to build a team of exciting sporting talent whose careers we can support and whose successes we can contribute to. Through our athletes, we hope to connect with a wider audience, and show the world our ability to unlock greater performance and enjoyment from your training.

Freetrain and Conor Benn are proud to be working together at the beginning of their defining next chapter. Conor Benn fights Samuel Vargas this weekend. Tune in to see The Destroyer take on his next challenge as he and Freetrain strive to make our mark on the world and set the foundations for our own unique legacies.


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