LED Running Lights for Runners

Freetrain Rechargeable Illuminate LEDs

Be seen with the new rechargeable Freetrain illuminate LED night running lights. The featherweight design & robust qualities make the front & rear lights perfect to use by themselves or attached to your Freetrain Vest to help visibility when training in the dark. With 2 x LEDs you can also give yourself high visibility in low or no light conditions. As running at night safety lights, the non-traffic colour is visible up to a 1/2 mile meaning you can be seen by motorists from a distance. read more

If you’re heading out to clock the miles in the dark, then a running chest light is essential. Our running lights for runners ensure that you remain safe whilst visibility is low and are also complete with a sleek finish, making them a stylish alternative to other night running lights. If you’re searching for the best running lights for runners in the UK, then do consider adding the Freetrain rechargeable LED night running chest light to your running equipment. Whether you need lights for night running, or you prefer to get out there before sunrise, our lights for runners are the perfect choice. Shop today.

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Key features

  • 4 Bright LEDs (2 white + 2 red)
  • Type-C rechargeable and no need to replace the batteries. Includes Type-C charging cable
  • 4 x light modes modes: Solid white, flashing white, solid red and flashing red
  • Ultra-Light micro design
  • 30-Lumen max
  • Weather resistant housing
  • Clip to the waistband or main body of the vest

Specification / use

  • 250mAh Battery
  • Battery life white LED (solid = 4 hours / flashing = 8 hours)
  • Battery life red LED (solid = 6 hours / flashing = 10 hours)
  • Hold down button 3 seconds to turn on & off press button to change modes


  • 2 hours charge time to full battery
  • Place charging cable into TYPE-C Port
  • The red light will slowly flash, after charged fully the red light will turn off


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