5K PR Plan

5K PR Plan

Week 1 Session #1

Speed: 8 x 1mins Hard efforts 


20mins easy warm up

Stretch: calfs, hamstrings, quads (make sure your fully warmed up before starting the efforts)

8 x 1mins Hard efforts (really push the pace on these)

1min stand still between (if you need longer than 1min to get the HR down have 90secs)

10mins easy cool down - easy jog


Week 1 Session #2

Endurance: 5k PB 

efforts: 3 x 5mins

5k PR Efforts: (Using your fastest 5K time, check your average pace or average heart rate, this is the pace or HR you need to apply to today’s 5min efforts)

15mins warm up - easy running

3 x 5mins @ 5k PR effort

3mins Jog between the 5min efforts to recover. 

10mins easy cool down 


Week 1 Session #3


Negative Split Longer Run

Distance: 8k

Distance 5 Miles

This session is all about building up your endurance. 

Run the first 2 miles really easy, just above jog pace then pick the pace up for the next 2 miles (nothing really hard) just enough to raise the heart rate. Run the last 1 mile easy to cool down.

Remember to stretch and refuel after your run with good nutrition & hydration. 


Week 2 session #4

Speed: 10 x 1min Hard 


Split into 2 sets with 5mins jog between.

20mins easy warm up

 Stretch: calfs, hamstrings, quads (make sure you’re fully warmed up before starting the efforts)

5 x 1min hard efforts with 1min rest (stand still) 

5mins jog really easy

5 x 1min hard efforts with 1min rest (stand still)


Week 2 Session #5


5 x 2mins Hill Reps in to 5mins 5k PB Effort

15mins warm up - easy running

You need a hill that will take you roughly 2mins to run up.

5 x 2mins - Run up the hill (Not Fast) jog back down to recover.

After you finish the 5th rep and you've jogged back to the bottom:

5mins @ 5k PR Pace 

10mins easy cool down. 


Week 2 Session #6  

Endurance: 2k OFF 2k ON long run

1 mile warm up - easy running

1 mile @ 5k PR pace

1 mile easy jog recovery

1 mile @ 5k PR pace

 1 mile Easy Cool down 


Week 3 Session #7

Speed: 8 x 90secs Hard Effort

20mins Warm up

Stretch out any tight areas - Calves, Hamstrings, hips, quads. 

8 x 90sec Fast Pace with 1min static recovery (stand still for one minute in-between)

10mins easy jog cool down. 


Week 3 Session #8

Strength / Endurance 

7 x 1 min hill reps / 2 x 5mins @ 5k PB pace.

15mins warm up - easy running

Stretch quads / calves / Hamstrings / Hips / Glute.

7 x 1min Hill Repeats (not fast, let the hill do the work)

1 min recovery in-between (Jog back down hill)

After the last rep:

2 x 5mins @ 5k PR pace 3mins Jog in-between

 20 5mins easy cool down 


Week 3 Session #9:

Race / PB 


Pacing session

1.5 Miles Warm up - Easy Pace 

2 miles @ 5k PR Pace

1 Mile Easy Jog

1 Mile faster than 5K PR Pace 

1.5 Miles Really easy Cool down

This session will be key to you running a PR for your 5K race. Make sure the 2 miles at PR pace feels controlled, take your 1 mile easy recovery then really focus on holding a faster pace for the next 1 mile effort! 



Week 4 Session #10

Speed: 6 x 2mins Hard Efforts

15mins Easy warm up

Stretch leg Muscles / 4 or 5 10sec fast run activations.

 6 x 2mins Hard effort

90sec stand still in-between

10mins cool down

Tip: The aim of this week is to freshen up so you're ready to smash your 5K PR - sessions like today will help keep your body activated but its key to recover well - Plenty of water, good nutrition, Stretching & Sleep is my best advice 


Week 4 Session #11

Activation: 4 x 15sec / 4 x 30sec / 4 x 45sec Efforts.

 Warm up - 15mins Easy running including stretches. 

Main set:

4 x 15sec Fast 15sec stand still

4 x 30sec Fast 30sec stand still

 4 x 45sec fast 45sec Stand still 

 10mins easy cool down 


Week 4 Session #12

( You’ve made it!) 

Pre 5k activations

This is designed to activate your running muscles without fatiguing before you take on your 5k race.

10mins warm up: stretch and make sure you’re fully warmed up before you start the efforts.

6 x 15sec Hard effort 

45sec recovery (Stand still) 

10mins cool down

 Good Luck with your race!! All the hard work is done its time to go get your reward. 

Let's Go!